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Self-Love and Solidarity with Punk Trio Cayetana


Photo by Emily Dubin.

One of the valuable upsides of our modern times is an expansive toolkit of self-actualization and empowerment that’s readily more available than ever, whether it’s a forum for discussing mental health, tips on starting a self-run record label, or just working independently with your friends. Augusta Koch, Kelly Olsen, and Allegra Anka, the musicians in Philadelphia punk trio Cayetana, pursued all three of those in creating New Kind of Normal, their second full-length record. It’s being released on May 5 via Plum Records, a label the band founded earlier this year. The label’s Twitter bio cleanly outlines the project: “An independent record label. Founded and run by women. Rock and roll without compromise.” Plum’s mission statement is a pointed summary of not just the band, but the brilliant new record Cayetana have created. “We’ve always envisioned Cayetana as a project that has the potential to be a vessel for something bigger than just our own work,” the website explains. That sentiment is driven home on “Mesa,” the record’s triumphant lead single. “Together we make flowers out of weeds!” Koch belts, her voice husky and powerful.

With New Kind of Normal, the group has crafted a vibrant, defiant assertion of independence and community, acute self-love and empathy, rock-bottom and survival, alienation and acceptance. It’s an urgent, complex exploration of mental illness and wellness; it’s a call to help each other and love ourselves, in equal measure.

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