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Cavalier’s “Private Stock” Speaks to Hip-Hop Through Many Different Voices


Photo by Emily ‘EJ’ McCartney

Cavalier is one of those MCs who’s name doesn’t need to be prefaced with the city he’s from. Or the city he’s living in, for that matter—the Brooklyn-raised artist moved to New Orleans shortly at the beginning of 2015. But if the transition has informed his style, it’s been in subtle ways.

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Big Ups: Homeboy Sandman Picks His Favorite Hip-Hop Artists

Homeboy Sandman
Homeboy Sandman. Photo by Brad Hasse
Homeboy Sandman is one of hip-hop’s best writers, possessing a ruminating rhyme style that makes the mundane aspects of life feel absorbing. It doesn’t matter if he’s rapping about food or bike trails, you feel like Sandman is speaking directly to you—like you’re sitting on a park bench, having a long chat with a familiar friend. For this edition of Big Ups, we asked the popular Queens lyricist to write about his five favorite hip-hop artists at the moment. In typical Boy Sand fashion, the descriptions below are as authentic and insightful as his flows.

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