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Riot Grrrl Crate-Digging: Eight Hidden Gems


Emily’s Sassy Lime

“Riot grrrl” was always tricky as a description of feminist punk music—evoking a scene that was immediately too complex to be contained to a name. But as a marker of a place in time, riot grrrl does capture that germinal early ‘90s moment when a cluster of raw, DIY, girl-dominated punk bands created possibility, showing that feminist cultural resistance could take the form of a cassette, a show, a gallery, or a fanzine. In Olympia, D.C., and the U.K., insurrectionary bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, Huggy Bear, and Skinned Teen were actively creating a counterculture for young people otherwise marginalized in the underground. The 1991 riot grrrl manifesto stated an acute interest in “creating non-hierarchical ways of being.” Or as Bratmobile once put it: “We wanna take over the scene for girls!”

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