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Album of the Day: Brownout, “Fear of a Brown Planet”

Brownout is a band from Austin, Texas, that began as a funk-centric offshoot of the Grammy-winning pan-Latin Grupo Fantasma. Over the past decade, the group have released several albums of hard-hitting originals and iconoclastic cover versions. And if translating Iommi riffs, Ozzy vocals, and Bill Ward fills into blazing horn sections and funk breaks worthy of War on their Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath series was outlandish, taking on the legendary Bomb Squad productions that made Public Enemy sound like a cleansing fire fits Brownout in a more unsurprising, but still exciting, way. After all, what’s more satisfying for a big funk ensemble than the opportunity to run through the meanest reworkings of classic on-the-one jams ever assembled by an East Coast hip-hop production team?

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