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Ten Artists Keeping Trip-Hop’s Eclecticism Alive


Even in its earliest days, trip-hop was always something of a sonic mutant. In the early ‘90s, it fused hip-hop and electronica with nods to jazz, funk, dub, and soul in ways that were comfortingly familiar yet unnervingly alien. Trip-hop’s popularity arguably peaked in the mid ‘90s, as pioneering acts like Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, Unkle, and DJ Shadow gained both critical and commercial renown. While the latter may have faded as the new millennium approached, the passing of time hasn’t dulled the influence it provides for countless young acts. Now, at a time when almost every micro-genre and musical amalgam is fair game, artists are mining trip-hop for inspiration as a launchpad for their own musical experiments. By merging hip-hop with everything from IDM to world music, the 10 artists in this list show that trip-hop is still the same vehicle for both artistic exploration and sonic rebellion that it’s always been.

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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: March 2018

beat tapes

If you missed the first edition of this column, part of my aim here is to expand the definition of “beat tape,” which has been loose since its inception. (Whether or not there is a true beginning for beat tapes is another discussion entirely.) With that in mind, this edition features tapes that challenge staid, preconceived notions of beat-centric music. Below you’ll find everything from funky, synth-backed grooves to grim and cinematic dirges. Open your head and nod it accordingly.

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