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On And On And On: A Guide to Generative Electronic Music


It’s a simple rule of physics: Music can’t last forever. Every song and album comes to a close, every concert or listening session eventually gives way to silence, and the artist’s spell is broken. Practitioners of the electronic subgenre known as generative music see things a bit differently. When crafted and arranged correctly, the album as we know it can transcend that supposedly linear fate and embody a sort of permanence. In other words, the ecosystem will flourish and proliferates without you, bursting with life. It doesn’t begin and end; it just is.

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Exploring Roger Eno’s Cinematic Ambient Music

Roger Eno

If there’s a single name synonymous with ambient music, for many, that name is Eno. Despite there being multiple pioneers in the genre, spanning several decades—from Erik Satie to Aphex Twin—Brian Eno is largely considered to be the genre’s chief innovator and responsible for coining the term and concept, in the liner notes for his 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports.

Yet there’s another Eno closely linked to this genre: his brother, Roger.

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