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Kid Millions Talks With Breakmaster Cylinder About Their Brain-Breaking Beats

Breakmaster Cylinder

The mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder, a composer with a closely-guarded identity, has been crafting elaborate, demented beats for close to a decade. In the era of the overshare, Breakmaster appear in photos wearing a black mask with white bug eyes, their features obscured; sometimes Breakmaster clearly make themselves to appear as a woman, sometimes a man. They do not do in-person or phone interviews, but is easily accessible to fans, and responds to just about every comment made on their releases.

It’s no surprise that someone who dedicates their free time to beatmaking would worship at the altar of J Dilla, but Breakmaster Cylinder also has an obsession with Bach and other classical music composers whose music is hardly obvious sample material. Their wicked sense of humor masks the prodigious technique and craft in their endless catalogue of two-minute micro-symphonies (Breakmaster is also a proficient keyboard player). And while there are 23 releases available on Bandcamp, Breakmaster Cylinder is perhaps best known for their work creating theme songs for more than 30 different podcasts including RehabCast, Outside/In, and Reply All (whose co-host Alex Goldman introduced me to Breakmaster’s music).

We exchanged emails with Breakmaster Cylinder in an attempt to get a peek behind the mask.   Continue reading