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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: July 2017

best metal

Whenever a member of a beloved band dies, it seems to touch the entire metal scene, so when Jason McCash and J. Clyde Paradis of the cult Indianapolis doom trio The Gates of Slumber passed away within two years of one another, the community was devastated. Guitarist and vocalist Karl Simon soldiered on and formed Wretch, whose self-titled debut from last year is essential. Now Wretch is back with a name-your-price EP benefiting the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition. That release is profiled below as a part of a busy month in metal on Bandcamp that also includes iconoclastic one-man black metal, a split release from two modern masters of death-encrusted funeral doom, and Motörhead-worshipping D-beat from a metalpunk hero.

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For Boris, “Heavy” is a State of Being


When they began back in 1992, Japanese metal band Boris never expected that they’d still be around 25 years later. Few bands last that long, and even fewer manage to do so while maintaining the same lineup. Yet since their inception, the Tokyo heavy rock/metal trio have constructed an intricate web of studio albums, plus collaborative releases with the likes of Sunn O))) and Merzbow, that have made their catalogue not just bountiful, but complex—even mysterious. As they headed toward the release of this year’s Dear, they were confronted with the complicated responsibilities of personal lives outside the band; they began to question whether Boris had a future beyond the quarter-century mark.

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