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Eight Israeli Artists Blending Traditional Music With Global Sounds

Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues

Modern-day Israel is home to multiple immigrant communities. The more established are from Eastern Europe, and date back to the late 19th century—people who fled pogroms, discrimination, and centuries of oppression. A massive influx of Jews from throughout North Africa and the Middle East joined them after 1948. These newer immigrants were settled—along with recent survivors of the Holocaust—both in makeshift tent cities (which, over time, morphed into towns like Sderot, Kiryat Shmona, and others), as well as in established centers along Israel’s Mediterranean coast and around Tel Aviv.

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A Brief History of the Israeli Groove Scene and 12 Essential Acts Behind It

Markey Funk

Markey Funk by Shiri Rozenberg.

“Maybe it’s a cliché, but Israel is all about fusion in its food, its architecture, and art,” explains Tel Aviv DJ and producer Sabbo. “It’s in our genes already to mix things. It’s never been a thing to be a purist. We don’t intend to mix things, it happens naturally.” Continue reading