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Blacker Face’s Radical and Inventive Avant-Punk

Blacker Face

Photos by Samantha Callahan

“That’s why I like working with Black children,” says Jolene Whatevr, vocalist of Chicago art punk quintet Blacker Face, who sports black and neon blue hair. She’s laughing about the kids she teaches at camp, and the ways they respond to her appearance—“‘What are you? Some kind of rock star? That’s white!’ I respond, ‘Yes, I’m a rock star, and it’s Black as hell! Rock is Black! You are a rock star!’” That affirmation, and the ability to reclaim a hijacked narrative, is central to who Blacker Face are. So is their penchant for musical scavenging—they way they bring bits and pieces of jazz, gospel, punk, and noise (plus, the most harrowing shriek this side of The Body) to their music. On their new LP Distinctive Juju, you might even find it all in one song.

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The Best Punk on Bandcamp, May 2018

Terminal Consumption

Bandcamp has long been a home for DIY punk and hardcore from around the world, touching all of the myriad subgenre styles and helping to translate the simple effectiveness of cut-and-paste to the digital age. For May’s edition of the best punk releases on Bandcamp, Kerry Cardoza highlights the proto-hardcore sounds of Material Support, the Icelandic diatribes of Dauðyflin, flawless releases by Decisions and Gen Pop, and much more.

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