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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: June 2017


“Jazz doesn’t sound like jazz anymore.” That’s the criticism most often leveled at the modern jazz scene. It’s also the reason why the scene is as exciting as it’s ever been. Every day, a new album hits the shelves that takes a shared language in new directions, creating combinations of sounds never previously given voice. Still, that criticism isn’t entirely accurate: Traditional jazz is still there, it’s just hidden beneath tempos that sometimes choose not to swing, and melodic development that’s a little different from what you might hear at NYC’s Village Vanguard. You’ve just got to listen closely for it. Here are 10 new releases that proudly straddle the old and new sounds of jazz.

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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: May 2017

Best Jazz

Illustration by Clay Hickson

It’s a globetrotting edition of Best of Bandcamp Jazz. This month’s column features stopovers in Iceland, Barcelona, the Twin Cities, Paris, London, Lebanon, New Jersey, the Canary Islands, and many, many more. These are essential albums you’ll want in your collection, no matter where you call home.

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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: April 2017


Spring is fast approaching and excellent new recordings have begun sprouting up everywhere in the new jazz section, ample proof of the rich, diverse range of sounds and styles to be found in the modern jazz scene.

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The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: March 2017

Best In Jazz

Illustration by Clay Hickson.

March typically signals the first real deluge of new arrivals in the jazz aisle. The spike in nervous breakdowns suffered by writers forced to choose just 10 albums to include in a recommendations column is not coincidental. But I held it together long enough to bring you my picks—all excellent, exciting music. Coinciding with the greater numbers of new releases this month is a representative, diverse array of expressions that musicians who came up through the jazz tradition are capable of. We’ve got music that happily roots itself to the jazz of the past, music that looks to the road ahead (rearview mirror be damned), and music that bridges the chasm between those two extremes.

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The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: February 2017

Best New Jazz - March

Illustration by Clay Hickson.

This month: music inspired by Indonesian Gamelan Orchestras, chamber jazz led by tuba, old-school compositions given new life in the present day, music made in the spirit of protest, music made in the spirit of joy, music from down South and music that’s at home in outer space. All of it is continued proof of the expansiveness of modern jazz.

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