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L’Rain’s Debut Album Is A Rollercoaster Ride of Soul, Shoegaze, and Dance


Photo by June Canedo.

In 2014, the keyboardist, bassist, and vocalist Taja Cheek realized the bands she was playing with in New York weren’t quite capturing the sound she wanted to create. So she recruited fellow producer Andrew Lappin, combed through her old demos, and reinvented herself as L’Rain.

Cheek’s debut album as L’Rain—her only solo release to date—is a kaleidoscopic combination of electronic shoegaze, experimental R&B, and downtempo dance, chopped and recontextualized ad infinitum. Though the LP only took a few weeks to complete, the three years leading up to it were a rollercoaster ride of emotions: grueling, exhausting, heartbreaking, uplifting, and inspirational.

“For me, every part of the album is really important: how the cover fits with the music, how the music fits with my life, how my life fits with the live show,” says Cheek, a Brooklyn native. “All of these parts, having to go through it once, I learned a lot about all of these parts of the project while going through the process of making the album. The world was already there, I just discovered how to convey it.”

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