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Hi Bias: Notable Cassette Releases on Bandcamp, January 2017


Welcome to Hi Bias, a monthly column highlighting recent cassette releases on Bandcamp, and exploring the ideas behind them with the artists who made them. Rather than making sweeping generalizations about the “cassette comeback,” we prefer here simply to cover releases that may escape others’ radar due to their limited, cassette-focused availability.

Arvo Zylo, Sequencer Works Volume Three (Personal Archives)

Over the past few years, Chicago musician Arvo Zylo has been time-traveling. He’s combed through vast archives of music made on his Yamaha RM1x sequencer—much of it stored on CD-Rs and floppy disks—to create a three-volume series called Sequencer Works. “There was quite a lot that I didn’t remember doing at all,” he says via email.  “But the tracks that are on Sequencer Works have never left my mind.  They have been nagging me to find a home for the whole time.”

Nagging is a good way to describe the music on the third volume of Sequencer Works. Zylo’s rhythmically-persistent music gets under your skin, noisy textures morphing through a wide-ranging series of throbbing beats and aggressive soundscapes. “I was never able to make proper music,” he admits.  “Everything I do is with a device being pushed to its limits.” There are a few hints of influences—the tape begins with a variation on Ministry’s “Stigmata” (renamed “Fuckmata”) and ends with a cover of Flipper’s “Life is Cheap”—but most of Sequencer Works Volume Three is a journey to the center of Zylo’s own musical mind.

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