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The Best Hip-Hop on Bandcamp: November 2017

best hip hop

This month’s essential hip-hop picks star projects that weave in political commentary and personal reflection—although from a production point of view, the selection is as varied as ever, with proud boom-bap statements of intent nestling next to electronic excursions from the left-field, not to mention a smattering of psych-rock-sampled beats. The vault is also honored to include an update of a Prince Paul project that the maverick producer felt was in need of a modern revamp.

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Kentucky Deity: The Evolution of Allen Poe

Allen Poe
Allen Poe. Photo by Scott Ashburn

Kentucky isn’t really known as a hip-hop stronghold. Though the Nappy Roots make music with a neck-snapping Southern spring, and the CunninLynguists are the region’s deep thinkers, it’s been tough for rappers trying breaking out of a state known for its bluegrass music. It’s like the spirit of Bill Monroe never left.

“It’s not like we’re in New York or L.A., so I feel like we have to really scrap,” says lyricist Allen Poe, a Kentucky native who recently released his new EP, Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking, a collaboration with producer Teck-Zilla. “But when you see some people [like Nappy Roots and CunninLynguists] come up, it bolsters your confidence.”

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New Global Sounds: August 2016

Hari Kondabolu
In our constant search for new musical discoveries across the globe, we’ve rounded up some of the most intriguing and exciting sounds to be released in recent weeks. Delve into the glowing, supple productions of Ecuadorian visionary Helado Negro, and take a trip back in time with Teck-Zilla x Allen Poe from Nigeria and Kentucky. Then, go out and ignite the dance floor with the fierce salsa grooves of Colombia’s feisty La Mambanegra.

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