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(Sandy) Alex G on Growing Up and Getting (A Little More) Serious

Alex G

Photo by Tonje Thilesen.

Alex Giannascoli is no longer easily amazed by music. That’s neither a good nor bad thing; he sees it as an inevitable part of growing up. It’s a radical about-face for the Philly-based Giannascoli, who has spent the past half-decade in the throes of musical creativity as he learned how to write, sing, record, and produce records all on his own. Nowadays, Giannascoli, 24, who now records under the moniker (Sandy) Alex G  is no longer in college, no longer uploading an endless stream of home recordings to the internet, and no longer immediately impressed by the first sound, or riff, or lyric, guitar tone that he comes up with.

“It’s harder for me to get excited as I get older,” says the singer-songwriter-producer whose new album, Rocket, is a measured statement of an artist negotiating what it means to make music with practiced discipline rather than creative abandon. “It’s no longer three chords and then I’m like, ‘This sounds amazing.’ Now, I go through all my options. I’m just more critical in general.”

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Brandon Can’t Dance Relates to Jack Torrance

Brandon Can't Dance

When Brandon Ayres was 13 years old, the future Brandon Can’t Dance frontman felt torn between three part-time pursuits: skateboarding, drawing, and music. Typical adolescent stuff, really. And while the first two eventually fell by the wayside, as teen dreams often do, Ayres couldn’t stop trying to awkwardly top indie rock auteurs like Silver Jews and Beck.

The only problem was his limited means: a worthless computer mic and primitive Microsoft program. Aryes persevered, though; a growing obsession with recording resulted in the avant-pop architect trying to learn everything he could about cutting tracks, whether that meant playing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” over a karaoke tape deck, or melding his own two-chord melodies with absurd lyrics on a newly acquired 4-track.

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