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The Best New Ambient on Bandcamp: August 2019


A quick browse through the Bandcamp ambient tag will reveal any number of ambient works from composers unified in their artistry through atmosphere, but with wildly differing approaches to how they achieve their goals. From the intimate and warm to the unsettling and tense, ambient is a diverse and endlessly thought-provoking genre. Every month, Ari Delaney will walk through the best recent releases you can find right here on Bandcamp.

In this edition, we’re highlighting albums released from July 15 through August 15, including a chill-out spin on vaporwave conventions and the anticipated sequel to February’s Grønland.

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The Mall, Nostalgia, and the Loss of Innocence: An Interview With 猫 シ Corp.


Despite its often serene facade, vaporwave can contain dark themes. For 猫 シ Corp.—a Dutch native who reveals his first name as Jornt—the genre’s greatest exponent of mallsoft, the loss of innocence is key. Speaking with him about one of his more recent albums—the retro-futuristic eccojams of Class of ’84, he cryptically tells us it provides “an image of a (past) world that we love to escape to because our old world died in 2001.”

This mention of 2001 is a very specific reference to make regarding an album that, in evoking everything from Saved by the Bell to the Breakfast Club, couldn’t seem more divorced from world history post-1993. However, it becomes much clearer when we consider another recent album—NEWS AT 11—and realize  that his records share in the same intriguing worldview, one which partly involves blocking out the troubling turn world history took after a certain catastrophic event.  As hinted at by the album’s release on September 11, 2016, this event was the 9/11 terrorist attack, which the producer confirms “was indeed the subtle, but yet very obvious, theme of the album.” He explains, “When the Twin Towers were hit on that day in September the old world died. It’s like the whole planet suddenly opened up and changed, [and] not for the better. Gone were the peaceful days.” However, as irretrievably lost as these days are for 猫 シ Corp., NEWS AT 11 and its samples of daytime TV finds him trying to reclaim them. Revealing that he took many of the snippets of morning news programs from YouTube, he says, “If you listen closely you hear the samples being cut off right before they announce the dreadful event. Like it never happened. Yet it did, but your mind cuts away right before the memory.”

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