W00DY, “Headbanging In The Club”
By Miles Bowe · June 02, 2021
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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W00DY named their last album My Diary for good reason. That electrifying 2019 release seamlessly connected styles such as drum & bass, jungle, noise, punk, and footwork like so many synapses, taking the Pittsburgh producer’s deeply personal vision and amplifying it to dancefloors with a joyous fervor. Now, as we pass the grim milestone of a year without dancefloors, W00DY returns with Headbanging In The Club, a record that does the reverse by uploading the specific sounds, sensations and spirit of the Pittsburgh underground music scene directly into your own brain.

Dance music is designed to set a scene and temporarily transform a space. Headbanging In The Club is inspired directly by Pittsburgh’s DIY spaces—where experimental and punk and dance music all share the same bill—but the scenarios W00DY stages with each track feel universal. Opener “Going Out” brings all the excitement of its title with hypnotic vocal chops, triumphant horns, and head-spinning breakbeats, while the bass-rattling “They Have 4 Subs” distills the sensation of walking into a room and feeling how good the soundsystem is before you see it. Most generously of all, W00DY sidesteps the tired trope of the closing “comedown” track, ending things instead with “Bathroom Line,” a peak time drum & bass rager without a somber sunrise in sight. With Headbanging In The Club, W00dy has written a love letter to their own city, while delivering a club music care package to us all.

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