Album of the Day: Scott Xylo, “Find Us When U Get There”
By Martin Aston · September 14, 2018 Merch for this release:
Vinyl LP

On Find Us When U Get There, an expansive LP that combines Afrobeat, soul, jazz, and funk, producer Scott Xylo manages to create the sound of a live band despite his minimalist set-up. On his second release (and first vinyl offering), Xylo nixes the digital clarity found on many contemporary home studio recordings for a much warmer, live feel; on “Earth Wings & Heat,” for example, Jon Glitches’s vocal is mixed into a swampy morass of guitars, electric piano peals, and slinky percussion. Marcus Joseph’s louche saxophone is featured on “Ariya” and “Sam’s Jollof,” where Afrobeat rhythms are slowly fractured by drum & bass-style arrhythmia. “Mothership Connekt” is clearly influenced by 1970s Funkadelic, built on Catherine Sera’s heavy-lidded vocal that shifts to space-themed ambience.

At seven songs and 22 minutes, Find Us is an all-too-short odyssey, but its range ensures it feels much longer. Enough range, in fact, that comic book fan Xylo is writing a manga adaptation, using “sounds, feelings, and lyrics,” Xylo says, to generate a story of a cyborg called Jon and a princess called Aliya on the planet AFRIKKA. Drawn by Pat Aulisio (author of the Survive 300,000,000 series), the manga will accompany a remix version of the album in 2019. Right now, Xylo’s music alone is enough of an adventure on its own, a scintillating, steamy planet of sound.

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