model home, “both feet en th infinite”
By John Morrison · November 12, 2021 Merch for this release:
Vinyl LP

Recording and performing together as model home, the Washington, D.C. duo NAPPYNAPPA and Pat Cain create music that is loose, chaotic and liberating. The combination of Cain’s beats with NAPPYNAPPA’s rhymed, sung, and chanted vocals make both feet en th infinite an intriguing ride. The album opens with “Night Break,” a song that’s part schoolyard chant, part free-jazz blast, and is as catchy as it is off-kilter. On “Body Power,” Cain constructs a bass-heavy electronic dubscape beneath Nappy Nappa’s repeated command to feel “more power in your body”.

The album is peppered with hometown references—in the title of “6 Piece w/ Mumbo Sauce on Erry’thing” and the galloping go-go rhythms of “3D Printed Quinoa”—which is fitting; the music here feels like it couldn’t have been made anywhere else. The duo’s improvised approach captures the moment of creation itself. Loud, wild and completely free, both feet en th infinite is playful, but it’s no joke.

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