Lucrecia Dalt, “No era sólida”
By Claire Lobenfeld · September 24, 2020 Merch for this release:
Vinyl LP, Compact Disc (CD)

Colombia-born, Berlin-based musician and sound artist Lucrecia Dalt’s second album for the Brooklyn label RVNG Int’l. is a record of unraveling and reformation. To create these 10 songs, Dalt summoned an alter-ego of sorts called Lia, whose creative practice is to reflect Dalt’s artistic POV back to her. The album’s title translates to mean, “it was not solid,” a nod to the fluid ideas about creation and interpretation that inform the project. It’s also a twist on Dalt’s background as a geotechnical engineer. While the compression of tectonic plates, or extreme stress on a rock mass, was the theoretical inspiration for her last album, 2018’s Anticlimes, this time around, the pressure manifests in ghostlier tones.

In the 1700’s, the word “sublime” was defined as, “operating in a manner analogous to terror,” and it’s that nebulous emotional terrain Dalt is exploring on No era sólida. Its songs are intellectual and visceral at the same time. Album opener “Disuelta” feels like hallucinatory trap; piercing, methodical synths make way for Lia’s woozy, spectral singing that is more shadow than sound. It is the perfect preamble for what’s to come, an album that essentially sounds like it’s been turned inside-out. Tracks like “Espera” and “Endiendo” feel rickety, evoking the anxiety of being stuck on some unstable platform. But each sound is patterned with such precision that in Dalt’s hands, there’s only pleasure in the fall.

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