Album of the Day: Dua Saleh, “Nūr”
By Gus Navarro · February 05, 2019 Merch for this release:
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Released via Minneapolis label Against Giants, Nūr is a forceful introduction to Dua Saleh—a multi-disciplinary non-binary artist sure to make waves this year, and for years to come. With clever lyrics and a voice that soars, Saleh addresses issues related to gender politics, the trans experience, and more. Born in Sudan, but now based in the Twin Cities, Saleh came up as a poet and only recently began writing songs—although based on the record, you would assume they’d been at it for years.

Executive produced by Psymun, whose production credits include Young Thug and Future, Nūr weaves between musical styles effortlessly. Behind a minimal beat and a slow-building bassline, the sultry track “Sugar Mama” shows off Saleh’s confidence. “Bitch, I’ll never stutter / Don’t you ever mutter,” they rap. The fourth song, “Survival,” features fellow Twin Cities singer Velvet Negroni, and is a much slower, spacier cut. At only five songs, Nūr is complex yet digestible, making it clear from the jump that Saleh’s an artist with a fresh sound who has a lot to say. Don’t try to define them—just enjoy their work.

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