Deep Aztec, “Healing Frequencies”
By Eli Schoop · July 09, 2021

There’s an effortless swag contained within Deep Aztec’s debut album, Healing Frequencies. The Cape Town-by-way-of-London artist’s music is transcontinental and cosmopolitan, full of lush and tranquil grooves. While the term “ambient house” could be used as a dismissive term in some contexts, here its usage is unabashedly positive. Healing Frequencies never outright demands attention; rather, its suave approach imprints itself on the unconscious, making the listener appreciate its qualities that much more. This is a perfect soundtrack for post-lockdown revelry; songs like “I’ve Found U” and “Polygon Disco” are tailor made for cookouts, patios, and open-air clubs.

Impressively, while Healing Frequencies sounds slick and catchy, it never comes off as labored or market-tested. Each track shows off Deep Aztec’s songwriting prowess, from the Zapp & Roger talkbox flex of “Just Can’t Admit,” to the Lil Louis-indebted funk house slapper “Sorry (I Know).” Healing Frequencies is an album album, carefully constructed in the studio, instrumentally concise, and meant to be enjoyed like a smooth wine that’s aged perfectly. This may be a new voice, but it feels like a veteran accomplishment. 

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