Angela Munoz, “Adrian Younge presents Angela Munoz Introspection”
By Tara C. Mahadevan · June 23, 2020 Merch for this release:
Vinyl LP, Compact Disc (CD)

Angela Munoz’s voice is striking, balancing youthful candor with the wisdom of an old soul. On her debut album Introspection, a collaboration with musical multi-hyphenate and longtime pillar of the L.A. music scene Adrian Younge, the 18-year-old singer demonstrates both of those aspects with grace.

Over the course of the album’s nine songs, Younge creates a backdrop for Munoz’s voice that is alternately spacious and intimate. On opener “Don’t Show It,” Munoz pours her voice into Younge’s swirling string and drum arrangements. On “I’m in Love,” she displays innocence and effervescence, unabashedly proclaiming her affections. Her devastating vocal performance on “Top Down” gives the silky, dreamy song an added depth, and on the meditative album closer “So Young,” there’s an audible ache in Munoz’s voice as she to figure out both her heart and her path forward.

Younge’s pared-back horns and strings leave plenty of open space that Munoz ably fills with her expansive voice. Introspection is a dazzling, sprawling collection of moods, all of them reflecting the excitement of youth and love. 

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