Album of the Day: UV-TV, “Glass”
By Mariana Timony · March 17, 2017

Florida quartet UV-TV crash into their delightful debut full-length Glass with high energy pop-punk, then veer towards polished ’80s darkwave in the middle, move on to some excellent, fuzzed-out shoegaze, and drop a pitch-perfect Mancunian post-punk jam near the end. Yet, no matter how disparate the styles, the record never sounds disjointed. Instead, it’s held together by the band’s well-honed melodic sensibilities and their obvious familiarity with and reverence for each genre’s individual conventions—all of which they fold seamlessly into their own bright and shiny sound. The bell-clear vocals of bassist Rose Vastola are a highlight throughout, recalling the bubbly yet sharply-defined tenor of fellow Floridian Allison Mosshart.

Glass may be an easy listen, but underneath all the ear candy is a record of serious substance. The heart of Glass is centered on the quiet peace that comes after illusions have been shattered, and the acceptance that comes from facing adversity head on. “Never knowing what I’m doing tears me apart,” Vastola sings on opener “Wasting Away”; by the time the band arrives at the title track, she has found a kind of stillness in sitting alone amidst the wreckage of a bad situation now overcome. “I am grateful for the past and all the friends didn’t last,” she sings, lingering over the litany of experiences that have shaped her current situation while expressing gratitude for the sun that “shines through my glass home.” It’s not melancholy so much as wistful and, ultimately, wise—a song that celebrates the serenity that comes from battles hard fought and lessons well learned on a record that embraces the evergreen enchantment of three chords going around and around and around.

Mariana Timony


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