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Oxbow’s Avant-Rock Experiments With Light and Shadow

The history, present, and future of the legendary Bay Area experimental rock juggernaut, and the first release on Hydra Head Records since 2012.

Call of the Void Pursue Heaviness by Any Device

“We like the sludge and then we play it at punk speeds”: the Colorado grinders on influences and process.

Album of the Day: Black Anvil, “As Was”

A creative and challenging record that pushes US black metal forward by folding in hefty classic hard rock/metal riffs.

Winnipeg’s KEN Mode are in it for the Long Haul

Almost 20 years after they formed in 1999, this Canadian metal band is still going strong.

The Dark Visions and Technical Prowess of Statiqbloom’s Fade Kainer

The NYC heavy music scene mainstay talks about his deeply personal solo project and how a metal kid got into electronics.