Album of the Day: Indira Valey, “Yemas”

Yemas, the newest album from sound artist Indira Valey, is a continuation of Valey’s experiment with otherworldly sonics. Valey describes the album as “offering brief peeks into alternate dimensions, past lives, and dream worlds.” Incorporating poetry and ambient sounds, Yemas feels ethereal and fleeting from start to finish. 

“These are songs for power,” sings Valey on the melancholy opener “Not Alone,” which ends with a glitchy and vibrating melody that sounds like the opening of some mystical portal. Valey speaks softly on “Paso,” a track that sounds like an old, eerie, deconstructed Western theme with serene, Tejano-esque chords. On “Straight Arrows,” Valey’s stream-of-conscious lyrics pairs perfectly with the track’s ghostly choral background vocals. “Hold,” the closing track, ends the album with delicate, faint drumming. Valey set out to build an intricate musical world with Yemas and it is well worth a visit.

-Diamond Sharp

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