Album of the Day: 1five1, “1five1”

The self-titled EP from producer and multi-instrumentalist 1five1 (aka Sandra Annan) is technically her debut, but it doesn’t sound much like one. The Toronto-based producer’s tracks are finely woven and wholly assured, sounding as if she’s been crafting and producing music for years. Influenced by post-dubstep, lo-fi house, and trip-hop, 1five1’s sound draws from iconic outfits like Portishead, even as she completely pushes her own distinctive beats and textures into sophisticated spaces beyond those original inspirations.

From the brief horns and haunting, beautifully layered vocals on dark opener “Blloom,” to the woozy rhythms on “Mila,” and delicate key twinkles on “Heaven,” each track features fine details that create entrancing atmospheres. The cool yet luxurious “Voodoo,” in particular, invites repeat listens, with melodies steeped in sensual, electronic rhythms. There’s a marvelous quality to 1five1’s sound, and its textural richness ensures we’ll be returning to her debut again and again.

-Chaka V. Grier

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