Now-Again Records Comes to Bandcamp

now-again (1)

We’re thrilled to announce that Now-Again Records’ wide-ranging catalog is now available on Bandcamp. The LA-based label was founded in 2002 by the influential tastemaker Eothen Alapatt (aka Egon), the former general manager at Stones Throw Records and current creative director of the J.Dilla Estate.

At Now-Again, Alapatt focuses on reissuing stellar albums with a truly global scope from the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, including American composer David Axelrod’s kaleidoscopic Songs of Innocence, the legendary Zimbabwean rock group Wells Fargo’s dazzling masterpiece Watch Out! and the mesmerizing works of Iranian songwriter Kourosh Yaghmaei.

In recent years, the label has added contemporary releases to their roster as well, including albums by the psychedelic funk ensemble the Heliocentrics. To learn more about the history of Now-Again—and to hear some of their incredible releases—tune into Bandcamp Weekly this coming Tuesday, November 20, when Andrew Jervis will be interviewing Eothan and playing select cuts from the Now-Again roster.

-Max Savage Levenson

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