Album of the Day: Hexa, “Factory Photographs”

When Australia’s Gallery of Modern Art hosted the David Lynch survey Between Two Worlds last year, senior curator José Da Silva asked experimental musicians like Xiu Xiu and Lawrence English to perform alongside Lynch’s arresting visuals. While the Xiu Xiu’s twisted interpretation of Twin Peaks dropped on Polyvinyl just a few months ago, on Factory Photographs, he and English team up to create an even more challenging listen.

Unlike the live HEXA bootleg that was limited to just 50 tapes soon after the GOMA show, this is a fully-rendered studio recording of the sonic warfare that materialized once the duo studied Lynch’s stark prints. Think: Wolf Eyes without the wailing of soot-covered synthesist Nate Young, or molten slabs of industrial music that take that term as literally as Lynch’s steely Eraserhead soundtrack once did. Not the easiest of listening maybe, but let’s be honest: Lynch’s third eye deserves nothing less.

—Andrew Parks

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